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Building Trust and Relationships in Mexico

by: Christian Filli, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

Mexicans crave equanimity, harmony and connection. It is easy to oversee this because on the surface they may appear to be disengaged, aloof, and even master procrastinators. This document has been written by an interculturalist who lived and worked in Mexico for 20 years, followed by 10 years in its neighboring state of Texas.

Building Trust in Russia

Monday February 10, 2020 - 14:00 to 14:45 CET

Trust is now more than ever essential, as it is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets when it comes to facilitating group cooperation. It impacts simple habits, routines, processes, and roles that increase our predictability and reduce uncertainty.

This webinar will give you a better understanding of the mechanics behind Trust, why we need it and how to build Trust with Russian business partners.  Learn more about the impact of Trust on your business with our experts.


PIA KÄHÄRÄ: Pia has worked in sales, marketing, exports, imports, and general management in different sectors, such as mobile devices, IT solutions, wholesalers, and the marketing communication sector. Before starting her consultancy career in 2009, she had also lived as an expat in Moscow and Almaty (Kazakhstan). She now works with her team as a consultant helping companies in their ’go-to market’ efforts in Russian-speaking countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. 

EGBERT SCHRAM: CEO of Hofstede Insights: A Dutch native, living in Finland, Egbert helps global leaders and managers deal with the challenges (and fun) of working in unpredictable and impossible situations and create more awareness about the importance of people in today´s work environment.

The Trust Factor

by: Paulo Finuras, associate partner of Hofstede Insights (adapted text, 2019)

Why do we trust? Why should we care about trust? Why do some societies trust more than others? This document will give you some insights.

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